Putin’s roubles for Russian gas demand is ‘security threat’

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Kansas City Star

On The Vine: I’m sorry Ms. Jackson

About a week ago, while I was doing my best to escape “the world,” cafe hopping through the streets of Paris, Jane Campion, the acclaimed director of the Oscar-nominated rumination “Power of the Dog,” stood on stage at the Critics’ Choice Awards and through an oblivious smile gave a prime example of intersectionality, white fragility and the often casual racism of white allyship so common particularly when relating to Black women. “It’s absolutely stunning to be here tonight amongst so many incredible women,” Campion said, accepting the award for best director. As pearl clutchingly cringe worthy, bordering on infuriating, as Campion’s tone-deafness was, she was upstaged this week by the tour de force put on by GOP senators in the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

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